Thursday, May 5, 2011






They've done it again. Who are "they" and what's been done? My frisky furry felines have made more work for me - again. They didn't intend to do that of course, they were just being cats. When I scoop litter boxes I always use a plastic grocery sack for the deposits. It's cleaner and easier, reduces the "aroma", and recycles the plastic bags. I always check the bags before I begin because they often have holes in them where the groceries have strained the seams. The bag I used yesterday did NOT initially have any holes in it. I'm sure of that. I set the bag down for a few minutes while I took some laundry from the washer and put it into the dryer. I work on laundry before I clean litter boxes, but I always have furry little helpers all around me. When I was ready to do the cat care, as I call it, I picked up the bag and began to fill it as I made the rounds of litter boxes - and I have many of them. After I finished cleaning the last one, I turned around to find a trail of used litter on the floor. It was a fairly long trail since I have so many boxes to clean. For a second or two I couldn't understand what I was seeing. Then I stopped and picked the bag up off the floor and sure enough, used litter was pouring from a hole in the bottom of it. What a mess! Everywhere I'd set down the bag, there was a little pile of used litter and a trail in between the little piles. The cats had followed me on my appointed rounds and I'd wondered why they were stopping and "smelling the roses", as it were. After I cleaned up the mess, I re-traced my steps and finally understood what must have happened. When I'd set down the empty bag before tending to laundry, I noticed Blooper licking it. That's nothing unusual. Many cats like the corn starch used to keep bags from sticking to each other and it's not enough to be harmful to them so I generally don't mind, but Blooper must have bitten into the bag that time, causing the hole. A parade of cats followed me as I cleaned the boxes and mopped up the trail of litter. The boxes needed to be scooped again before I came back upstairs. Those of you who have cats know this - they will sit and watch as the litter boxes are cleaned, then jump in and initiate them before one can turn around twice. Cats....I love them no matter what they do or how many messes they make.


Constance said...

Been there done that! They inspect each box after cleaning and quickly make sure that I can do a second round wile I'm there LOL

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh you are so was like I did this blog entry..;) only I only clean one box..little stinkers..:) gotta love them.;) have a great day.;)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

When we had cats, they all went in and out. And they used the great outdoors for their business. But I now have 9 little, ornery dogs and they drag around all kinds of stuff. And they have snagged a trash bag now and then and made a mess for me to clean up---not fun!
I feel your frustration!

Merilyn said...

Oh! the joys!!!