Saturday, May 14, 2011




My spouse and I don't yet know if we're any closer to moving to another house, but we've decided to continue painting and updating this one until that time comes. We intend to downsize, so we're letting go of things we've used and stored, but may never use again. Tonight we took some glasses and mugs from cupboard shelves and decided which to keep and which to donate. When I saw our A&W Root Beer mugs I was reminded of the sweet memories we made when we visited the old root beer stand. On one visit, our daughter was given a tiny A&W mug and told she would receive free root beer in it every time she brought it back to the stand. You know we had to take that mug with us every time. Daughter mentioned it not to long ago so I think she'd like to have it. We all loved sipping root beer from frosted mugs and eventually Spouse and I bought the two large ones for ourselves. Those seemed to be such simple times - back when we ate hot dogs with wild abandon and didn't even wonder about how much sodium was in them or what meats were used to make them. A&W Root Beer stands were famous for their footlongs, though I don't remember when I last had one. The A&W drive-in we used to frequent is still in operation, but we haven't been there in ages. We'll have to be content to conjure up those wonderful memories now and then....but those mugs are definitely keepers.


Christine said...

Brilliant! Root beer is my hubby's all time favorite! We make a special trip every year from Ireland to buy some as we can't get it here!
Three cheers for root beer!
Thanks for helping to remind us of happy times!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

We always stop on our way home from Iowa City at the A&W and get a float. It's one of the best parts of the trip!
I have 4 sizes of mugs and that includes the baby mug!
I also have 2 mugs from the old Dog & Suds from my youth. Isn't it fun and funny the things that hold such a firm spot in our hearts? Love them!

Anonymous said...

What memories.. We also had an A and W..They had the best root beer floats in the whole world.. Have a couple of those mugs in the basement also... Thanks for reminding me.. SANDi.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh the memories just came pouring back. Our son got one of those little root beer mugs when he was little ~ I'll have to look for it.
As for the hotdogs ~ you don't even want to know. My husband works at Hillshire and when we would have hotdogs he would say do you know what they put in hotdogs or how their made? I hated it when he did that ~ always spoiled it.
Thanks for the memories!
Enjoy your root beers and weekend!
Prim Blessings

Merilyn said...

The root-beer looks great, but I have no idea what it is or what it tastes like. We don't have root-beer in Australia (at least I've never seen it!) Nice story though!!!

Firecracker Kid said...

Oh yes, I remember the foot long hot dogs with sauce and slaw. Yum! Don't know if my tummy could take those anymore though. Not as young as it used to be... LOL. Thanks for the memories Kady:)

Donna said...

Those frosty mugs sure do conjure up sweet memories! Our family never went out to eat. So it was a real treat when I started dating and boyfriends took me places like the A&W root beer stand. Such simple pleasures!

I know all too well about the downsizing. We're on the other side now of the beginning of our quest in late 2006. We still have a few more things to sell in a garage sale sometime. But we are now so glad to have a smaller house to clean and less 'stuff" to maintain. You won't regret it!

Henrietta said...

Such memories, when I was an immigrant bride my husband introduced me to the pleasures of A&W root beer and footlongs.

Whimsey Creations said...

I love root beer. And I was a carhop at an A&W back during my 16th and 17th summers. Boy was a tray of those root beers heavy! LOL And if anyone drove off with the mugs we had to pay out of our pockets. What I remember most is helping the cook make onion rings - not the kind you see today but slicing up the onions, dipping them twice, yuuuuuuum they were the best! And you are right - back in the day when you didn't care what kind of oil was used - just about the taste!