Wednesday, August 17, 2011



We've recently had an abundance of birthdays to celebrate and another coming on the 22nd. Our daughter and her family met us at Marion's Piazza over the weekend and treated us to a delicious pizza dinner. Afterward, they came to the new old house (which hence will be called "the farm" in order to distinguish it from the house in which we still abide) and shared some out-of-this-world cupcakes sent by my dear angel of a cousin, Jeanette. THANK YOU JEANETTE! Those were such a sweet surprise and came from Georgetown Cupcakes - aka DC Cupcake, from the TV show with the same name. They came from THAT shop. How cool is that? We had a very busy weekend and one of the highlights (there were many) was having the family come and spend time at the farm. I'm so grateful they can finally visit my home and stay as long as they choose, without becoming sneezy or stuffy. Two of my family members are allergic to cats - and me, with a houseful!

Though I'm not actively searching for them, vintage Pyrex dishes just keep finding me. My latest acquisitions include three small refrigerator dishes with lids. I remember my grandmother using similar ones which I now have in my backyard cabin. One of the best things about collecting Pyrex items is that I'm putting them to good use. I've made casseroles in them, stirred cookie dough in the larger ones, and stored leftovers in the small ones. I've decided I will use all the dishes and bowls I have collected. What good are they if they just sit in a cupboard?

Work on the new old house is coming along well but I'm becoming impatient. I just want to be able to move in the furniture and start living there. I had a great day while at the farm on Monday. I baked cookies (from a homemade mix my good friend Deanna had given me) and brewed some iced tea, all the while thinking how nice it was to let the work go for a little while and just enjoy being there. I sat at my little card table for a few minutes and browsed some Farmgirl books by Maryjane Bitters. That afternoon I had a wonderful visit with good friends Chris and John, for whom I cat sit, and then I meandered down country roads to a small grocery store in another small town. I stocked up on supplies for the farm so I would no longer need to shuffle things back and forth. It's not easy trying to live in and maintain two homes but I hope we won't need to do that much longer. When I think of how much we've done already, I'm encouraged that we're making good progress.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh those cupcakes look scrumptious!!!..I love me a good cupcake..glad you had a great birthday weekend with family and friends...and that you took some time to just enjoy being in your new home baking and enjoying your surroundings..I am so envious of your "farm" is beautiful;) have a wonderful wednesday.;)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Happy birthday! I am so pleased to hear you had company and someone to show off your new digs to! Cupcakes-Yum, but company, WOW!
And there is a store close by--that's a plus!
Sounds like things are coming right along. Will you get to move your cabin to the farm? Are the kitties getting excited?
Thanks for the updates!

Merilyn said...

Sounds like you are getting there Kady, even though it seems a bit slow at the moment! Love your growing collection of pyrex dishes! indeed it is good to use them, what's the point otherwise LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

kady i am so jealous about the pyrex. Love them... They are just cute as well as practical.. I was also wondering if you can move your little cabin to the new farm.. I wish I had a little place like that to retreat to.. Happy for you that you are getting to spend some time at the new place. As my husband often tells me, women are just so impatient!!! LOL SANDI R.