Friday, September 30, 2011






Thirty-two years worth of "stuff" is being unearthed this week. I've been letting go of things for months, but apparently I've not let go of enough. Tonight Glenn pulled out bags and boxes of forgotten stuff from the storage area under the stairs. It's been nice to have all that storage but when we had extra space, we stuffed all sorts of things into it - things we often forgot we had. Let's see, we found a box full of our daughter's New Kids on the Block memorabilia, her first dolls, a wicker doll buggy, a handmade dollhouse and furnishings, my entire collection of Mary's MooMoos in their original boxes (which I still love but don't display right now), two new glass salad bowls in their original boxes, a ceramic chicken canister set my mom and sister gave me as a Christmas gift ??? years ago, a shopping bag full of tiny wicker baskets I've been hoarding for (dare I admit it?) over 15 years, my primitive Christmas tree and garlands, and many other items which I'd completely forgotten we'd stuffed into that nifty out-of-the way storage space. Everything had been packed well and most had been encased in plastic. All that stuff is now sitting in the garage awaiting my attention. My first task tomorrow will be to go through ALL of it and choose what to give away or sell in a barn sale, and what to keep. I'm definitely keeping the canister set. In fact, we took it to the farm tonight and it's nesting on my kitchen counter. We emptied many boxes tonight and found homes for the contents but we still have a long way to go. We have too much stuff!


LibbiesHome said...

It's amazing how things can accumulate over time! I would hate to think about moving the contents of my house right now...
I haven't had much time to blog or visit blog friends lately, so I took a peek at some of your previous posts. Everything is looking so nice in your new nest!! Love that kitchen floor. Gorgeous!!

lilraggedyangie said...

Kady, its so amazing what we collect and forget about and what better way to reconnect with it all than to move ! I wish you much success sorting it all and you found some goodies , I too used to have lots of the Marys Moos they are darling ! Have a great weekend! hugs lilraggedyangie

Merilyn said...

That chicken canister set is so cute!!! Never seen anything quite like that before!!! Good luck with the rest of the sorting out!!!!