Wednesday, November 9, 2011



What a nice surprise to find a care package from Gina on my front porch this week! Thank you so much Girlfriend! The first surprise was that my mail carrier actually came into the yard and stepped upon the porch to drop off the package. He's brave. Our mailbox is outside the fence and across the road, and it's a good thing my big protective dog, Mandy, wasn't in the yard at mail delivery time. Gina's package of gifties included two cat books, a set of decorative wrought iron kitchen utensils, a darling little "apple pie" pillow, and a little black and white stuffed kitty which immediately joined two others on my cat shelf. I have just the place for the utensil set and the pillow has already found a home in my kitchen. Those books are so cute! I'd never seen either of them so I look forward to sitting down and reading. The cat yearbook looks like a lot of fun. Thank you so much my blogging cyber friend. Your sweet care package was much appreciated.

I've been so consumed with working in the house and traveling to this one twice a day, that I've not blogged much lately, but a few weeks ago I posted about a package I received from Linda Parker (I'm still loving those samplers!) and I've now shared about receiving the package from Gina, but I neglected to mention the wonderful box I received from my dear angel cousin, Jeanette, about two weeks ago. I can't begin to list all the goodies she sent because I'm afraid I'll leave out something important, but there were all sorts of useful and sweet things for my new old home. I'll post a photo soon. Jeanette included a huge bag of the best homemade caramel corn I've ever tasted. By the way, J, it's GONE. Glenn and I are now hooked on your caramel corn. It's absolutely delicious.

I'm not sure how I've come to be so very blessed with such generous friends and angel cousin, but I love and appreciate all of them....and all of you who are so kind as to continue to read my humble ramblings. Thank you dear friends. All of you are very special to me.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Kady you are so welcome can't wait to see where you put it all.;)isn't blogging the the generosity of bloggers..have a wonderful thursday;)

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Oh Goodness is that not just an adorable Rack Gina sent... I love it..
Gina is just the Sweetest and so is Linda..

Have fun Decorating!!


Merilyn said...

How nice to get a few surprises in the mail!!! Just to let you know you are being thought of....that's the best part!!!!
All this to-ing and fro-ing will come to an end soon enough, then you can relax!!