Sunday, September 2, 2012


Saturday afternoon, Glenn and I decided to take a little daytrip. I'd received notice of the Plain and Simple Cabin Fall open house In Pottsdam, Ohio and wanted to visit that cabin again. We stopped there about two years ago, before we were in "moving mode". I was still feeling melancholy about leaving my own little backyard sanctuary and needed a cabin "fix". To my surprise, Glenn stopped working on his projects and set the GPS for our destination. It was a hot and humid day but getting out and about was a nice change of pace. I had taken photos when I was last there but I'm sure they're hidden somewhere in the older blog posts so I took some new ones. Wouldn't you just know there were CATS on the premises? There aren't too many places I visit where cats don't appear. I love the Plain and Simple Cabin and its country setting. It truly was a step back in time.

After visiting the cabin, we drove to West Milton, Ohio, which is just a few miles down the road from Pottsdam, and made another stop. I'd remembered a wonderful shop called The Hen's Nest, and in fact, it was through the owner that I learned about the Plain and Simple Cabin two years ago. The shop was decorated for Fall and it was fun to browse among the fabric pumpkins, table quilts, candles, dolls, Fall wreaths, and other items which filled the shelves. I left the shop feeling uplifted and ready to begin some Fall decorating of my own. All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon and just what I needed to get my mind off all the things we need to work on around here. I need to constantly remind myself to be thankful for how far we've come in this relocation journey, rather than dwell on how much further we have yet to go.



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I am glad you did a day vacation--
it is good to once in awhile to just let go and go and have an adventure!!!
and if there are cats at the adventure--all the more fun!!!
I am trying to get into the fall mode--fall is a hard one for me for some reason--right now I am suppose to be finishing re-organizing--but????
Hugs,Di and miss gracie and happy fall