Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Finally! We have some cooler breezes here in southwest Ohio. Maybe Fall is on its way afterall. I don't know how long this milder weather will last but I'm thankful for it. The cats seem happy for cooler temperatures too. They love to sit on the tables with their noses on the window screens. I was worried about them pushing out the screens and "escaping", but as far as I can tell, none has tried that. I'm anxious to get started on their outdoor enclosure but we have so many other things that are higher on the priority list right now. We thought we'd have it done by this Spring but that didn't happen since we had a lot of detours. Right now things seem to be going a bit more smoothly. We haven't sold our former house yet but after quite a bit more tweaking, it's FINALLY move-in ready and I learned today that we are on the TOP of the list for one prospective buyer who toured the house last week. Keep your fingers crossed! 
Glenn's dad's house has been sold and we have a closing date. We had some hoops to jump through after an FHA inspector found a small gas leak, peeling paint in the basement, and some minor electrical problems and demanded they all be remedied before the closing. All have been addressed and on September 14th, we'll be free of that house. My sisters and I still have our mom's house to deal with and there's no real urgency there, but we the sooner we get it ready to sell, the better we'll feel. It's not fun having all these house responsibilities hanging over our heads, but I'm confident things will work out as they're supposed to and we'll eventually be able to turn our attention toward THIS house and all that we want and need to do here. One of my sisters visited this weekend and reminded me of how far we've come. She suggested I relax about the things yet undone and remember that once the other houses sell, we'll have more time to deal with this one. Thank you Sis, I'm taking your words to heart.

She bit my neighbor the other night
while he was petting her.  
I just finished cleaning the cat barn and my furry ones always seem to sense my moods. They were unusually calm and loving today and I spent extra time out there with them. I think I feel more hopeful about all that we still have before us, and about life in general. Having a cat "fix" always does that for me. 

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primlin56 said...

kady....you sure have your hands full....enjoy all the little things in your life...i love that you now have this cat barn and that your life seems very fullfilled.....i enjoy keeping up with you on your blog....