Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My last post was a sad one about the loss of my sweet cat, Roxie. This one will explain why the last two weeks with Roxie were so very hectic.


When we moved into this grand old house, the inspector told us it was in very good shape but said within a couple years, we'd probably need to replace the furnace, the AC unit, and the water heater. Glenn began reseaching the most efficient ways to heat an old house like this one. We have a buck stove in the family room, but that makes one room toasty warm while leaving the rest of the house cool. We'd been using fuel oil which was efficient, but expensive, and not the cleanest way to heat. Glenn decided to research geo-thermal systems. Here's link if anyone is interested:
I'd heard of geo-thermal heating but hadn't understood how it worked. We had a number of companies come out to explain the system and give estimates. We were told it would be very efficient while reducing our monthly heating bills about 75%. I wasn't completely sold on the idea of the geo-thermal system, especially after I learned how expensive it was, how long it would take to install, and how much of our backyard would be dug up to accomodate the four, 5-foot deep trenches that had to be dug. Glenn was completely convinced that was the way to go, so as I was dealing with a cat in failing health, the work began. There were trucks in the yard and driveway and men working in the backyard, in the cellar, and inside the house for the better part of two weeks. As I told one of my neighbors, I'm not used to finding men standing in my bedroom and going all over the house. They needed complete access since duct work was to be replaced and a few new ducts were to be added. All the workers were very polite and cleaned up after themselves so I have absolutely no complaints there. It was a bit stressful because of having someone here for so long, going in and out, and the fact I was worried about Roxie. In order to keep out of the way, I baked cookies for the crew and provided snacks and beverages. I enjoyed doing that and the guys seemed to appreciate my efforts.  
The installation is complete and Roxie is at peace. I've begun to accept the backyard as it is - a series of dirt mounds that looks like a small mountain range. I've been guaranteed the dirt will eventually settle and we'll be able to plant grass seed possibly as early as next Spring. I can only hope. One good thing is that all the activity provided hours of entertainment for my cats.       


Barbara said...

Somehow, I had lost you...well, not you, but your blog.
Not sure how I just found your new blog, but am getting you put back in place on my blog, so I can follow your 'moving saga'..LOL Blessings...

Merilyn said...

Hi Kady, I have finally caught up with some of my blog reading, I'm afraid I've been away from not only my blog but others' as well for a few months - life getting too hectic - but I'm slowly catching up!
I was so sorry to hear about Roxie, it's always so painful to see one of the furry ones not doing so well, such a sad situation, it took me back to when I had to say goodbye to my 'Ella' who was nearly 18yrs old, a little orphan when I got her, she used to fit into the palm of my hand - she too had a good and loved life, she's buried in my back garden, never forgotten when I walk past that section of the yard!
My goodness! your geo-thermal thingy looks to be an interesting installation, I'll have to read up on it, but we don't get the cold down here as you guys do up in your part of the world - infact we're now heading into summer after a very good winter, the first I've really enjoyed, as I don't generally like the cold at all - I think we'll have a hot summer though!
I'm glad to have caught up with your goings on Kady, good to see you have also gotten out and about a bit too, the old cabin and the farm event - take care, I will have to try your oatmeal cookies!!!