Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last week I tackled a job that was long overdue. I de-cluttered my computer desk and gathered all the snippets of paper on which I'd jotted phone numbers, appointment dates, and other bits of information I wanted or needed to remember. I located a small spiral notebook and transferred those fragments of my mind to its pages. I didn't write them down in any particular order. I simply listed things as I came to them. In so doing, I found myself writing down "Talmadge Rd. Mercantile". Since I couldn't remember why that was important to me, I "Googled" it. The owner of Butter Street Barn had mentioned that shop the last time I'd visited hers and I'd written the name on the first piece of paper I'd encountered after I'd arrived home that day.
Talmadge Rd. Mercantile is a wonderful primitives shop located in Clayton, Ohio, just 20 minutes from my home. I called the owner to make sure the shop was open and asked for directions. I couldn't believe how easy it was to find and what a treasure trove it was. The shop is housed in a building that was formerly a general store and it retains that old fashioned charm. When I went inside, it was as if I'd walked back in time. The owner gave permission to share photos of her shop. I'll definitely be visiting again soon. You can click on the photos to enlarge them.    




Merilyn said...

What a fabulous old store, I just loved seeing the photo of it in the 1920's!! These kind of shops are just my favourite!!!!
I used to have lots of bits of paper with numbers etc on them, when I decided a few years ago to use school exercise books to record contact numbers etc, like you, they are in no particular order but at least it makes for a tidy contact book and not lots of odd bits of paper/old envelopes etc, and of course I know exactly where everything is listed LOL!!!!
I do hope you will share any wonderful treasures you buy from this lovely old store!!!!

Margaret said...

What a great place to search around! I love them! I can lose myself in all the stuff. Love the photos. Maggie