Sunday, February 24, 2013


My sister, her daughter, and newborn granddaughter will be visiting today. We'll be meeting at Mom's care facility in a few minutes, and though Mom won't be aware of it, my sister and I will be thinking of our dad who passed from this life on this very date in 1972. There were four of us kids in our family and being the oldest, I was the only one dad lived long enough to see married. The other three eventually married too, and all of us bore Dad and Mom grandchildren, but dad did not live long enough to see any of them. He would have been a terrific granddad though. I sometimes imagine him with his grandkids - giving them piggy back rides, "horsey" rides on his knee, playing rousing games of croquet or ping pong, and enjoying backyard cookouts with homemade ice cream. He was a kind and decent family man but he was also a disciplinarian and I did witness a few temper flares through the years, but there was never any doubt he loved us completely and unconditionally. He simply wanted us to grow up to be kind and decent people. I surely hope he would be (at least a little bit) proud of us and our children and grandchildren today. I know without any reservation he would have loved his grandkids in the same ways he loved us.
We never know why we lose loved ones so early in their lives (and ours). Dad was only 49 when we lost him and our family has missed him all these years, especially at holiday times. We become melancholy when a new baby arives in the family and we all wish Dad was around to welcome it, but life goes on, as it's intended to. Dad would have told us to stop grieving and get on with living. He loved life and taught us so much. We love you and miss you, Dad. We're thinking of you today and always....

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Merilyn said...

Dads are always special to their daughters!! Thankyou for sharing those wonderful photos and memories! I understand how you feel, I lost my Dad 20 months ago, he was lucky to live a long and healthy life, and he taught his children the same values you spoke of. He will always be my shining light, as you Dad will be to you!!