Sunday, April 7, 2013


So far, mama cat and kittens still have no names. That's unusual around here since we name everything we rescue. By the next post I'll have names for the members of this little family. Mama cat continues to be attentive to her kittens. The babies are a little over 2 weeks old now. They're active and look very healthy - so healthy in fact, they've been trying to climb out of the wicker basket in which I placed them earlier this week. Today it was time for another move. I have an old child's toybox on wheels that I thought would be just the thing for mama and kittens. The babies won't be able to climb out because this box is deeper and they can't latch onto the sides as they could the basket. I'm not quite ready for them to be running all over the room and I'm sure mama cat isn't either. In a week or two I'll let them explore their surroundings. 
The cat family had company today and mama cat was very tolerant of us holding her kittens. I think many animals instinctively know when someone is friendly and means to do them no harm. Mama was more concerned with the other cats peering in the door at her than with us handling her babies.
My friends, Anna, Judy, and Bonnie brought "baby gifts" food and litter! Thank you my friends. It's much appreciated and will surely be used. No cats from the other room entered the kitten nursery this time and all cats who would allow it, were given attention after we played with the kittens. Some days I could stay out there with the cats for hours....actually, some days I DO. 

One of the kittens (grey with white chin and paws) has begun to play with his mama and it's so cute to watch. A few days ago he grabbed his mama's tail and apparently stuck her with his needle sharp little claws because she fussed at him a bit. He was batting at her head today and I think he's probably going to be her problem child. He's awfully cute though.  


earlene said...

adorable cats!!!
I wanted to follow but your follow button is not showing up.

Loretta Thomas said...

Oh my...they are sooo beautiful... love their color! They are going to be beautiful! Loretta XO

Merilyn said...

Thanks for the update on this precious little family Kady!!

The Joy of Needlework said...

Hi, enjoyed my visit and the Mommie and babys are so sweet. Love kittys and cats. Hugs,LenZie