Wednesday, May 15, 2013


It's a new day...a beautiful day...and my family and I are ready to move on after saying goodbye to our Mom, Aunt, and Grandma, Christina Schultz, yesterday. It was a very nice service and we laid her to rest beside Dad at Obetz Cemetery, in a the small town of Obetz, close to Groveport, Ohio. Dad grew up in Groveport and attended the church in the photo. He took our family there one Christmas Eve and relived his memories of participating in pageants when he was a child. Eventually, he met our mother and they were married in that church. Dad's mother, father, infant brother, and other relatives lie at rest in the same cemetery.
Yesterday was a day of love, hugs, and support from family and friends. Our hearts were filled with love for family and gratefulness for old and new friends and neighbors from the street where we were raised.  They made a sad difficult day easier to bear. We vowed to plan some family reunions in the very near future and we're going to follow through this time. My neighbors and friends from here also sent lovely gifts and extended heartfelt condolences. My good friend and neighbor, Brien, brought over a set of angel wind chimes and a memory slate the neighbors had chosen. Thank you my dear friends and neighbors, my family and extended family, and all who have offered hugs, prayers, and positive thoughts as we traveled this road. Mom is no longer in pain and we are at peace.



Merilyn said...

A lovely post Kady! Great old church and grounds, so many memories, and such a nice place to lay your Mum to rest! Love the saying on the memory slate and the wind chimes, what a generous and loving gesture from your neighbour! May she rest in peace!

primlin56 said...

oh kady, week got away from me and I had no idea that your mom passed on Saturday....reminds me of how we all gathered around my dad and the little grandkids sang twinkle twinkle little star to him as he was nearing the was the last time I seen him smile....even though his eyes were closed at this time...we knew he heard the little ones....I am so happy that you were there to provide your mom that last bit of comfort....thinking of you and lifting you up with our prayers....your prim friend....linda

Anonymous said...

Hi Kady,
Wonderful pictures, memories and visits! You're very blessed! Hey, I just had a friend that brought a house and farm in your little town...north of the town. Small world! ♥♥♥ The friend still goes to my church, but travels a little distance now. :)