Wednesday, November 13, 2013


For my entire adult life I've resisted rushing the seasons. I've never liked seeing Christmas items in stores before Halloween and I didn't even think about decorating for Christmas until Thanksgiving was over but this year will be different.
Thanksgiving comes a bit late this time around, which means if I wait until the weekend afterward to begin decorating, I'll have just a little over three weeks to get everything out and the trees in place and decorated - in addition to shopping, cleaning, baking, and gift wrapping. Of course, no one forces me to decorate every nook and cranny of my house, but I like doing it. Last year I had a large tree in the family room, a tall primitive tree in the sunroom. a small tabletop vintage tree in the parlor, a red tabletop tree in the dining room (decorated with red and white crocheted potholder dresses and miniature baking utensils), and a brown primitive tree in the guest room. I also put up a few smaller trees here and there and decorated them with white lights. I really loved having the house look festive but it took a lot of time.                                             
According to some of my Facebook friends, many people are decorating earlier this year and now it makes sense to me too. Christmas decorating  before Thanksgiving arrives doesn't mean I don't appreciate the meaning of the November holiday. It simply means I want to take my time pulling decorations from their resting places in my Christmas closet. I want to use all the Christmas décor I have tucked away instead of eliminating items because I've run out of time. I hope to find new uses for vintage keepsakes, revisit all the country and traditional items I've collected through the years, and enjoy the whole process. I plan to start tomorrow .... how about you?


Merilyn said...

What a great start Kady!!! I do remember past blog photos of your Christmas decorations, so nice to get in early and create some seasonal atmosphere in your home!!!! Digging around in those old dark corners could reveal some wonderful old treasures that would appreciate being on show again!!!!!


I bought a new tree and 3 stings of lights yesterday and they are sitting in the dinning room--does this count as early decorating????
hugs, di and kitty, miss gracie