Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Time seems to slip away from me these days. Here it is Christmas Eve "already" and though I'm not feeling particularly rushed at the moment, I'd like this day to last for about a week so I could savor the feelings, the nostalgia, and the joy of this season.
Decorating my home for Christmas took much longer than I'd anticipated and I don't think the enthusiasm was there as it should have been, but I'm fine with what I was able to accomplish. As I uncovered each box of Christmas treasures I'd collected or made through the years, the joy and enthusiasm came back to me. At times I think I have WAY too many decorations, but I do love this season and enjoy making my home look and feel cozy and inviting - at least that's my intention. In any case, decorating and arranging Christmas treasures was how I chose to have fun.
Yesterday my grandkids came over for a cookie-baking session and game night. What joy they add to my life! Grandson is 19 and attends Ohio State University and Granddaughter is 14 (going on 30) and has blossomed into quite a young lady. I'm so glad they still want to visit and bake cookies with Nana. I so wish I'd had the opportunity to do that with one of my grandmothers. Both of them were older when I was born and they didn't interact much with my siblings or me. It was a different time then. My grandkids don't know what it's like to not have grandparents who love to do things with them. I can't change my childhood, but I can surely continue to make memories with my grandkids. I hope they'll keep those memories in their hearts and pass them down to their grandkids one day.

Happy cookie-baking and gift-wrapping! Savor this day.

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Beautiful grandkids!!
Merry Christmas, Kady
hugs, di and miss gracie