Wednesday, November 12, 2014


As usual, I'm wondering where my time has gone.  It's already been three weeks since my fall show. During the week I was waiting for people to come and browse, I took time off from my sewing, and that was a mistake, but I didn't want fabric and supplies all over the place if I had company. You see, I'm a very messy crafter. I can't keep my areas neat and tidy and still be creative. I feel the need to strew jars of old buttons and rusty bells, fabric, patterns, scissors, needles, and thread wherever I land for the evening.  I generally cut out patterns and sew items during the day so I can stuff them and add finishing touches and do the hand sewing while I relax and watch a little TV with my spouse at night. At any rate, this week finds me playing "catch up" and I've been burning the midnight oil. It's a good thing I'm such a night owl!  

In reality, I probably already have enough to sell at my Christmas show, but one never knows. There are still some things on my list that I've not had time to make, so I'm striving to get those items done before next Wednesday which is my self-imposed time limit for making items to sell.  That means I have exactly one week to finish the projects I've either started or simply dreamt of making. If I continue to be as productive as I've been the last few days, I'll do just fine. I just finished 6 large ginger men and 6 snowmen last night. My ultimate goal is to enjoy sewing and not feel pressured or stressed by it. That being said, I need to get busy here. I think I'll make some primitive stockings tonight. I have my pattern out and a stack of fabric ready to go.

I posted a few new photos on the sidebar. This is what I have done so far, along with a smaller area for Thanksgiving pumpkins, which you've already seen. Keep in mind I arrange and re-arrange the room every time I add some items. I have no doubt it will all be ready by November 22nd.    

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