Saturday, November 1, 2014


As Winnie the Pooh would say, it's a blustery day today. There's a chill in the air and the wind is trying to blow away anything that isn't tied down. The sun has yet to appear and the sky is gray and not at all friendly-looking. Gee, I was just getting used to Fall weather, though last week we had a couple days where the temperatures reached the low 80's. That's not Fall, that's summer. Fall has always been my  favorite time of the year, but to my dismay, it also seems to be the shortest season. 

Today I'd planned to visit a small craft cabin not far from here but I've decided to postpone that excursion and stay home and tucked inside - except for trips to the barn to tend cats.  I'll also keep working on projects for my "Christmas in the Country" Home Show.  I'm a bit behind my self-imposed schedule and have been dreading to pull out Christmas trees and lighted garlands. All of those things are wedged into my quaint little Christmas closet and though I tried to make sure I could get to everything I might need if the occasion arose, I didn't do a good job of that, so I'll need to pull most everything out in order to access the items I want. That wasn't good planning on my part, but when the Christmas decorations were put away last January,  I wasn't sure I'd be hosting any home shows this year.

This is the earliest I've ever decorated for Christmas, but I won't be putting up trees in the rest of the house, just here, in my gathering room, which doubles as my computer/office when I'm not hosting shows.  For the Harvest Gathering, I had my spouse hide the computer and printer under this desk. I covered the desk with a pretty Fall tablecloth and displayed baked goods on it.  No one was the wiser. I'm learning when hosting a home show, I need to work around the furniture I have and use it to my advantage. I don't have any place to store it, so it becomes part of my set-up.

Today would be a good day to tackle the job of unloading the Christmas closet and deciding which trees I want to use. I'll probably find some table coverings and other things which might also be used for display. I'm having a difficult time, though, budgeting the hours in my days.  I really WANT to sew, but I NEED to get this room decorated and show-ready. I truly NEED to do some laundry and housework, but I WANT to play at decorating and sewing. Though I brought in plastic totes that had been stored in the barn since we moved here, I've yet to organize the fabric and craft supplies I found inside them, so that's another thing I need to do.  I guess all I can realistically do, is work at each thing a little at a time, and keep at it until all is accomplished. That is my cue to get busy and stop procrastinating. I'll post some photos as I go along. There are three whole weeks until the next home show, and if I my use time wisely, that should be enough.

As always, of late, I'll post photos on the sidebar. The most recent ones will be at the top. I'll be happy when the administrators fix the glitch that prevents me from posting photos here. Thanks for your patience.   


Merilyn said...

Sometimes needing and wanting to get on with the 'to-do' list can be overwhelming....getting to achieve one thing means having to do something else first, and sometimes it's all too hard....LOL!!!!
I often end up doing the 'needs', but then the 'wants' start to niggle.......I'm afraid I don't have much of a can only do what one can in any given day.........we didn't have much of Spring either this year, it seems that Summer was in a bit of hurry to get here......a bit like your Winter!

Kady said...

Thank you Merilyn, for affirming that I'm not the only one who deals with this dilemma. I did pull out the decorations after I posted that blog entry and it wasn't so bad. I'm working feverishly on items for my show. The time is fleeting!