Thursday, December 4, 2014


It just occurred to me it's been exactly one week since Thanksgiving. Why do the days and weeks leading up to the winter holidays seem to pass so quickly? I wish these very feelings of anticipation and intention could last for about six weeks. Would I be ready for Christmas then? I doubt it. I've been so wrapped up in home show preparations that I've scarcely begun making lists for Christmas. Every year I express a desire to simplify decorations and spending, yet those things seem to spiral out of control. I have so many decorations I love that I can't bear to leave them packed away when they could be adorning my Christmas trees or fireplace mantle. Shopping for family gifts is enjoyable to me and though I do search for great sales, I often find a few extra things I think someone will enjoy, so my "budget", such that it is, goes out the window.  

My cats received early Christmas gifts again this year. They're not as grand as last year's cat trees, but they're being enjoyed just as much. About two weeks ago, I stopped at a festive store called "The Christmas Tree Shop". Among all the lights and ornaments, I found some cat gifts. I bought my furry ones a bunch of new scratching toys and three square boxes in which they can hide and play. Actually, the canvas boxes were for storing office supplies and such, but they looked like the perfect play areas for my cats. I think I'll go back and purchase a few more tomorrow. Right now, the cats have to stand in line to play with them. I should have thought of that. I've yet to take photos of them playing in their boxes, because when I go out to the cat rooms, I keep forgetting my camera. I do have some recent cat pictures though, and will post them on my sidebar. I don't know when BlogSpot is going to fix whatever is wrong with its photo posting option. I've contacted the administrators numerous times and have yet to receive one reply. Perhaps I need to be grateful the sidebar posting option is still available.

I'm off to browse through some cookie recipes and make a list of gift ideas for family members. Time is marching onward.



Ohhhh--I love that new outdoor area that you built for the kitties!!!
I bought ingredients yesterday for Christmas cookies--I have not baked in about 4 years--so Miss Gracie did tell me that if I added some cat nip to the recipes she would try one!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

Merilyn said...

What a great outdoor area for your cats, I enjoyed the photos of your little mates, nice to see them again....
indeed, December does have a habit of sneaking up and taking off at a fast rate.....I hope you manage to catch up some during the next couple of weeks, because when I look at the calender that's all we really have....take it easy!!!