Friday, January 23, 2015


After finally getting my holiday decorations safely stored in the Christmas closet, I decided to reward myself for the effort I'd expended. One of my favorite things to do is browse thrift shops and though I truly needed nothing, I spent time yesterday wandering the many aisles of the Antique Mall close to me and then took a walk through the thrift shop across the road from the Mall. I hadn't thought to take along my phone or watch so I wasn't paying attention to the time. I was probably there for a few hours and I must have walked miles! No doubt, I needed the exercise, but every aisle held all sorts of treasures - most of which stayed at the shop. The ones I couldn't resist came home with me.  Recently I'd begun to let go of things I wasn't using, so by bringing my small treasures home, I wasn't actually adding to a stockpile. As I will tell my spouse, I was being rather selective in my choices. Much of what I found will be used as display pieces for my next home show. (That's as good an excuse as any, right?) From time to time I remind my spouse of how lucky he is that I'm so very "low maintenance". I can honestly say I'm happier with a few well-chosen treasures from the thrift store or antique mall, than I would be with expensive things from an upscale department store. I love the items I found yesterday and will soon be busy finding just the right spots for them here in my "shop". You can view the photo of my stash on the sidebar to the right. Don't you love that little red chair? I think I have the perfect handmade doll for it, or maybe I'll make another doll. Hmmm, more projects.     

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