Friday, July 22, 2016


I can't count the times I've wished my desire to create with fabric or fiber would return. I've been in a slump. Though I have most anything I'd need to make items to use or to sell, fabric remains stacked on shelves or neatly folded in storage containers, and yarn has been tucked into drawers and baskets. I wish I had a good excuse as to why I haven't been creating. I've had a few very busy weeks, but I've also had time to make items, but had chosen to not do so. That changed two weeks ago.

While browsing online one day, I happened onto a cat rescue site that gave information for knitting or crocheting small cat blankets to comfort kitties waiting to be adopted. I remembered having two large plastic bags filled with yarn remnants I'd brought home from my mom's house after she died. My sisters and I had the task of clearing out our family home and my sisters did not want the yarn. Mom had used it to tuft flannel lap robes she made for homebound people and in her memory, I wanted to make something from her leftover yarn. I printed the cat blanket instructions and found those bags of yarn and located a few favorite crochet hooks. I started crocheting my first cat blanket that same night. I'm now working on my 8th one and feel more creative with each one I complete. I've also used those two full bags of remnants and have started using yarn from my "reserve" stash. 

It feels good to be back in the habit of reaching for a crochet hook and yarn when I sit down in the evening after household tasks have been finished. I'd forgotten how relaxing it is to crochet and how rewarding it is to finish a project. I plan to donate the blankets to my local animal adoption center.


Kim said...

Yeah for creativity! I am so glad you found the thing to get you going again. It seems to round out our day when we create, even if just a bit.

Merilyn said...

How wonderful to have found just the right project to get your creativity back into action. I haven't crochet for a while, but it was always a very relaxing thing to do! I'm sure your little cat blankets will be most appreciated by those little furry ones, who need a warm place to curl up and sleep in.....well done!!!

Kady said...

Thank you, ladies. I now have 12 kitty blankets made and I'm having so much fun crocheting them. I don't think we always have to be creative, but I feel better about myself when I am.