Wednesday, December 9, 2009


For most of us this is the busiest season in the year. I'll clarify that and and say for most women, this is the most hectic time. I can't tell that my spouse's life has changed during this season, but I'm often at a loss to know what to do first since there seems to be so much for which I'm totally responsible. When I'm in that frame of mind, I feel I get very little accomplished, so I've decided to slow down and "take inventory".
1) White lights are arranged on my house, cabin, and split-rail fence
2) Lighted wreaths have been hung in each front window
3) The Christmas tree is up and decorated
4) My ceramic houses are arranged and look cozy lit up at night
5) The red vintage-look kitchen tree is up and lit
6) Gingerbread print curtains have been hung in the kitchen, over the sink
7) Some of the gift shopping has been done
8) Cookie baking plans are in the works and ingredients are on-hand
When I list all those things, it seems I'm doing just fine in the decorating department, but the Christmas season comes so soon after Thanksgiving that I never feel quite ready for it. My policy of not ever beginning Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving could be part of my problem. Another might be that I expect more of myself than I'm able to or want to give these days. I'm not getting any younger! Many times I've said I need to simplify, yet I continue to think about all the decorations left in the storage boxes and guilt sets in.
What I do know is Christmas Day will come whether any of us feels she is ready or not. It will come even if decorating hasn't been completed. It won't matter if there are no holiday cookies fresh from the oven or handmade ornaments gracing our trees. I also know there is nothing wrong with a simplified, down-sized Christmas celebration. In fact, a simpler Christmas is what many of us say we crave, yet we run around as if we have to do all and be all for our families.
I've decided to be content with my simple decorations and I vow to not feel overwrought if I don't have 10 different kinds of cookies baked by Christmas Day. I need to give up my dream of a "perfect" Christmas and concentrate on the reason we celebrate. I wish each of you a blessed Christmas and a season filled with less chaos and more love, joy, and peace.

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