Sunday, March 28, 2010


Thank goodness for second chances. When another kitten was returned to me a few weeks ago, I was disappointed the adoption hadn't "taken", but I wasn't devastated. After I'd listened to all the excuses offered, I was very relieved my little guy had been brought home instead of being abandoned. I'll admit to being a bit angry with the person who had originally adopted him though. She'd decided she didn't want him after keeping him for five months without once contacting me. She finally called me when, as she put it, she was "ready to get rid of him". I never use that term in reference to animals. There has never been a time, nor will there ever be, that I want to "get rid" of them. I seek forever homes for cats, and that's quite different. All of that is past history now and I'm grateful to have been reunited with my kitten and blessed to have been his mama once more, if only for a short time.
Rusty was adopted today from the Rescue Me pet adoption center and I have every reason to believe he has found his forever home this time. I received a call at 3:45 this afternoon from the adoption manager who wanted me to come right then and talk with the people who were anxious to take Rusty home with them. I left here immediately and drove to the center where I met the kindest woman and her teenage children. They couldn't keep their eyes off of Rusty. When they held my little guy, he simply melted into their arms. It was a heartwarming sight.
Rusty's new family members and I talked for quite awhile. I decided it wasn't necessary to review his past adoption with them. They were offering a new beginning and a second chance and those were the important things. I gave them my phone number and they promised to call with updates. I held Rusty one last time, whispered to him, then handed him to his new mom.

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