Friday, March 12, 2010


Home is the place where, when you have to go there,
They have to take you in.~
Robert Frost, The Death of the Hired Man
My Elliot is back home. The family that adopted him two weeks ago is still very much in love with him, so they tell me. The problem lies with Elliot's fear of their dog, which is one of the things I cautioned them about when they were at the adoption center. We talked at length about allowing Elliot ample time to adjust and providing him a safe place to go when he needed to get away from the dog.
From the start of the adoption, the dog factor was a red flag for me, but everybody at the center, and the family, convinced me things would be fine and Elliot would eventually become friends with the dog. Well, did I know my cat, or what? I've had cats most of my life and I can usually read them well. Elliot has a gentle spirit and loves to be held and cuddled, but he doesn't do well with loud noises or any kind of strife. Now, Bailey is a little clown and doesn't seem to fear much of anything. He's the one who would be able to tolerate a dog and be friends with most other cats. It's not something I guess about, it's something I feel in my heart. I know my cats.
In my way of thinking, two weeks didn't give Elliot or the dog a long enough time to adjust to each other, let alone bond, but what's done is done. Once a person makes up his mind he wants to return a cat, it's best to just welcome it back and be grateful that person had the good sense to call me. When I think of what the outcome might have been for Elliot, Rusty, or Bailey - yes, that makes three who've returned - then I'm happy to have them back in the fold.
Elliot is acting as if he'd never left here. When I arrived home with him and opened the cat carrier, he didn't come out right away. He couldn't. Bailey had immediately gone into the carrier to be with him and had started to lick his brother's head. What a welcoming greeting! They lay in the carrier together for a short time and he and Bailey picked up where they left off so I know they remember each other. Rusty is being fairly tolerant but can't help from hissing just a little. We'll keep trying to find forever homes. Please wish us luck.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

2 weeks is not enough time even for cats to adjust to cats sometimes...let alone a dog..some people shouldn't have pets..but I am so glad you have them back and that he has adjusted so quickly..;) give them all a love for me.;)

Dusty Devoe said...

Glad they have all returned back to you safe. They are so beautiful.

Keri said...

This is my greatest fear Kady! I rescued another pregnant feral over 2 months ago (this is my second) and she gave birth to 5 kittens 5 weeks ago. They are going to be put up for adoption soon, through our local cat rescue organization and while I cannot imagine taking in a cat or kitten and returning him/her, I know there are people out there who will do this very thing! While I would love to keep them all, where I know they are loved and well cared for, we have 21 cats right now. We, like you, are crowded here at the inn. I pray that we can find committed lovers of cats, much like us, who are willing to see the adoption process all the way through to the end of their cat's life! I can't imagine taking in an animal for 2 weeks, or 5 months (!!) and then returning them for ANY reason...they are members of the family. Thanks for what you are doing.