Sunday, March 14, 2010


These are not my guys. I just love the photo. Don't they look happy and relaxed?
We gave the kitty boys a needed break and skipped the adoption center display today. It's been rainy and overcast - a good day to let the cats rest if I ever saw one.
Elliot is still adjusting to being back home and Rusty isn't ready for another adoption yet. I should admit I'm not ready to let him go again. He's scheduled to be neutered but that day can't come quickly enough. He recently had an accident that wasn't actually accidental. Last night the little stinker backed up to the diningroom drapes and let go. Spouse saw the tail twitching action and called to me, but of course it was too late to usher Rusty to the litter box. He wasn't being a bad cat. He simply did what any adolescent un-neutered male cat would do. He marked territory. That's understandable considering all the other cats we have here.
We immediately took down the drapes and scrubbed the floor around the area where he'd sprayed, just in case there might have been some residue. We think the drapes took the full hit though. I was afraid this would happen. The person who adopted him when he was ten weeks old was strongly urged to have him neutered when he was about six months old. It just occured to me - maybe he sprayed her drapes too. If so, it was her own fault. She brought him back to me un-neutered and nearly eight months old. Almost immediately after his return, I secured an appointment for him to be neutered. The procedure is scheduled for next week.
I wish people would listen when I tell them how to take care of the animals they adopt from me. Sometimes I actually know what I'm talking about when it comes to cats. I'll call this another lesson learned, but I'd like to know why I'm often the recipient of lessons due to other peoples' actions or inactions?

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