Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This morning I've been working on September ornaments when I probably should have been filling more boxes. What boxes? The ones that will carry our worldly possessions to our next home. Yes, we're moving. Spouse and I have talked about it for years and toured houses from time to time, but until we found this house which will soon be our next home, we hadn't found anything that fit all our criteria: brick ranch, no major steps, laundry room on the same level as the living space, a large clean safe outdoor building for the cats, and something within our budget. Our daughter and grandson are allergic to cats and that has prevented us from hosting holiday dinners and gatherings in the past few years - a fact which has broken my heart, but for which I had no immediate remedy.
After a short period of negotiation, our bid was accepted and we completed the requirements for purchasing another home. All that is left to do (contract-wise) is sign on the dotted line during the closing next week. It's not the log home of my dreams, nor is it a brand new house, but it has many great options including a spacious, newly rennovated kitchen with brand new stainless steel appliances, recently installed thermal windows, a small laundry room directly off the kitchen, a fireplace, and a wonderful large pole barn the cats will love. We plan to add an outdoor enclosure for them and I know they'll be in kitty heaven.
I'm very rusty at this moving stuff since we've lived in this house for 31 years. I regret waiting until now to "downsize" my collections, but we're taking things one day at a time. There are times I stand in the middle of a room and look around, wondering what I should do next. This feels overwhelming and exciting at the same time. There is much work involved, but I'm looking ahead to the day my family can come to my home again. I've missed that so much.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow Kady, I had no idea you were moving..but can't wait to see your new place all decorated and see some "family" photos of the holiday gatherings you will be having with your family..and to see the new "cat barn" too.:)when do you move in?

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Blessing on you new home! Your kitties will adore the pole barn!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I feel your pain, girlfriend! My oldest grandson ( one with a broken wrist) is allergic to dogs and we have 9 of them. While the dogs are kept in one room--our family room--Cole still gets a runny nose, swollen eyes and wheezy after a brief period here. So holidays have been strained to say the least. They just don't come over. We go to each of the kids' houses. It just ain't the same!
It looks good from the picture and a newly redone kitchen sounds awesome but I do not envy the work ahead! I am looking forward to pictures and stories! Love ya! ★Linda★

TheRustyThimble said...

Kady congrats on your new home. Take the move slow and don't let it overwhelme you, talking from my recent experience LOL.....It will be good to have the family together for the holidays I too am allergic to cats and it makes it hard to go see anyone that has one. But I sure love the guys I would have a dozen outside ones if they would stay around.
Hugs and Best Wishes

Constance said...

I wish you and the kitties the best of luck. We're moving as well and I think I'm in way over my head "so much to do and so little time" I won't have a building for my kitties but they will be getting a large nursery that we will be quite nice for them and give us a few much needed no kitty zone areas for entertaining. Take care and try not to work to hard.


Wow--now aren't you really glad that you have been working on your craft show items all year!!!
How far is your new home from the present one???
Your kitties are going to love the new place!!!
do take it slow though don't want you getting sick!!
Hugs, Di

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hello there, I wish you lots of joy in your new home. It looks lovely and when you get all settled which might take time but it will have all your special touches and your treasures here and there. Then you will beable to call it yours. Special blessings and hugs, Carolyn