Monday, February 28, 2011



Rusty had a calm, quiet night and ate all the food I left for him. It's the brand he's used to, so that's a plus. He used his litter box and that's another plus. Some cats act out by wetting on things when they're upset but Rusty is doing exactly what he should. He's even begun to play. So far, so good.
I can tell he wants to be loved but can't quite bring himself to surrender. That's ok and I fully understand he needs time to come around on his own. He's been gesturing and rolling on the floor (signs that he wants affection), but when I put my hand out to touch him, he sometimes swats at me. When he does that, I pull my hand back but continue to softly talk to him. I want him to come to me on his own, and he's beginning to rub against my legs. That's a good start. I want to scoop him up and love him to pieces but that's not what he needs right now. That's what I need. Rusty needs time and understanding.
Rusty was re-introduced to his mild-mannered brother, Bailey, today. Neither cat seemed extremely pleased at the meeting, but if Rusty is going to be here, he needs to learn to co-exist with the residents. I didn't expect either cat to remember the other but it would have been nice if they hadn't hissed and growled. I stayed in the room with them for the whole time they were together and the hissing stopped after a few minutes. Both cats eventually walked around each other without growling and they sniffed each other's tails. Those are good signs too. Tomorrow I'll re-introduce Elliot to Rusty and see how that goes.
This adjustment is going to take a little while to accomplish but I'm up for it. My goal is to have Rusty feel at home here again. I know he's been through a lot of changes but I never stopped thinking about him or loving him. Love is a good starting point.
P.S. I spent a lot of time with Rusty this afternoon and evening and he made up with me! He's still very jumpy and probably will be for awhile but he's beginning to trust me a little and for that I'm very thankful. He's now putting both paws up on my leg so he can be petted. He even let me hold him for a short time but I didn't push my luck. I held him, then gently put him down so he knew I wasn't going to hold him against his will. Things are looking up tonight.


Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

I think Rusty has found his forever home with a mom that will love him. I know that wasn't your plan but it seems to be destin to turn out that way. So glad he is adjusting.

Merilyn said...

Kady, so glad his first night went alright! He is a beautiful looking little fellow - poor little thing he must be so confused, he'll come around and he'll be a happy chap again. It would be great if he & Bailey get along again, I guess it's a bit difficult on all of them having another personality to readjust to, but they will!!!


Oh how sad for poor Rusty to be in love with a family and they with him--but to have to part!! I know that your love and comfort will get through to him and he will once again have a good home!! thank you for taking him in again!!!
these cats sure can get to our hearts can't they???? Miss gracie is having tummy problems (runs)--we are not sure why as nothing has changed in her life or her diet for over a month now--the only new thing is she has learned how to get into the bathtub and does drink the water there after I take a shower--Vet said it could be the soap reside--what next????
so the very best to both of us in our "cat" adventures!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Constance said...

Hi Kady,
He is a beautiful boy! I'm glad he was able to come back to you. I know it was hard for him and his family but he is in the best of hands with you.


Keri said...

This absolutely breaks my heart Kady! My husband is in the military and in all of our 20 years of marriage we've had cats. I've always told him no matter what, if he were to get orders overseas, I wouldn't be going if our entire family wasn't able to go with us. I am not saying that was the option for the second family who adopted Rusty, but my goodness, look at what that poor boy has been through in his short life! I couldn't put him through that again and know I was the cause. That's how seriously I take pet ownership. They are family.

I am glad to know that Rusty is back at home with you, but sorry that you now have the stress of reintroducing him to the rest of your gang.

By the way, I think you ought to keep his name the same...he just looks like a "Rusty". ;0)