Sunday, February 27, 2011



What a stressful day this has been for Rusty. He's one of Kelly's kittens and the very first to have been adopted. The young woman who promised to love him the rest of his days turned out to not be a good kitty mom. She was deceitful about many things, including having an unspayed female cat in her home. She adopted sweet little Rusty when he was just 12 weeks old but kept him for 5 months before calling me in a panic and exclaiming he was a "demon cat". He was nothing of the sort. She had not gotten him neutered as promised, so she kept him locked in a bedroom all day long while she worked, then was upset when he was a little rambunctious in her house when he was let out.
I welcomed Rusty home and was able to find an adoptive family through the Rescue Me animal adoption program. I met the new adoptive family and was told they loved Rusty the instant they saw him. The mom of the family told me she didn't need to look at any other cats. Rusty was the one. I'd had him neutered and he was up to date with vaccinations. All was well and I wasn't one bit worried about how the adoptive family would treat Rusty. They were very loving to him and he seemed to love them as well.
The problem came a couple weeks ago when the dad of the family received orders to go overseas and was told his family couldn't take any pets with them. I hadn't known Rusty had been adopted into a military family. I'm sure they felt Rusty would be with them for the rest of his life. That's what I thought too. I don't fault the family one bit. They are serving our country and it was heartbreaking for them to let Rusty go. They delivered him to the Rescue Me volunteers at PetSmart this afternoon and then I received a call. I was asked to foster him again and of course I said I would, though we now have quite a few more cats than we did back when he was first adopted. Spouse looked at me and said, "At this point, what's one more?" Bless his heart.
Rusty was in a cage when I arrived at PetSmart and he was not a happy camper. He was hissing and growling, but who could blame him? I was told he'd cried pitifully after his mom when she left him there and that she had been sobbing as she placed him in the cage. What a sad situation. Many people abandon animals and don't want them, but here's a family that desperately wants Rusty but can't keep him. How fair is that? Rusty was calm and sweet on the way home. Spouse drove while I sat in the back seat and petted Rusty. He was purring and laying his head on my hand so I thought the adjustment had begun. I was wrong.
Tonight Rusty is in his own little room - just for now. He was panic-stricken when he saw the other cats and wouldn't allow me to touch him even though I had petted and loved on him all the way home. I opened the carrier that he'd just exited and allowed him to go back inside it on his own. He obviously felt secure in there. I took him into the utility room and let him explore his surroundings. The other cats were sticking their paws under the door though, and that caused Rusty to hiss and growl some more. I just came upstairs from checking on him and it was obvious he wanted to be loved, but just didn't feel comfortable yet. I did pet his head and talk to him but it's going to take a little time for him to adjust. He's been through so much in his short life. I told Spouse I'd contact SICSA (the animal adoption agency that helped find a home for Tucker), but at this moment I can't bear the thought of taking Rusty to the adoption center each weekend and placing him in a cage for two days. Right now it's unthinkable to send him off to yet another family.
Rusty and I will just take things one day at a time. I'm hoping and praying we'll find a place to move that has a barn in which I can house my cats. I received a call from our realtor last week and was told we would be able to get the house we originally wanted if we were willing to "wait a little while". I'm not holding my breath on that one, but something will come our way eventually. When it does, keeping Rusty won't be an issue. After all, he keeps coming back to me, so there must be a reason, right? I'm thinking of re-naming him. How does "Boomerang" sound?


Merilyn said...

Kady, poor little Rusty, yes he is back with you for a reason! He looks such a sweetie!!! I'm glad he's back in the place where I know he will be cared for and not abandoned or neglected. Having to surrender an animal because of circumstances would be dreadful, it reminds me of how Miss Mini came into my life, how her family had to go overseas and she found herself homeless. BTW she is doing so well and is a treasure indeed!!! Rusty is a great name, somewhow 'Boomer' or Boomerang doesn't quite cut it LOL!!! he's too pretty!!!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Poor Rusty - he is so lovely. I am sure he is meant to be with you, so I hope you get a place that will have room for the cats.

Whimsey Creations said...

Aw poor baby. He must be so confused and hurt. I'm sure you'll have him back to normal in no time though because you love him so much. And I do think he must be meant to stay with you. I've actually picked up our little blond feral a few times. He'll still only let us pet him if he's eating or in his blankets on the front porch. But he's such a sweetie that I don't mind.

dee begg said...

Awww...what a sweet boy. Too bad he's had such a time finding a loving forever family. Hopefully he'll adjust and maybe he was just meant to stay with you.


Laura said...

I think that Rusty must be with you! hope you can find a place poor Rusty!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Poor Rusty ~ my heart goes out to him. Hope all goes well. I think the new name boomerang is very fitting.
Prim Blessings! Robin

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Poor Rusty - it seems he is destined to be with you. He reminds me so much of a kitty we rescued years and years ago. We caught the neighbor kids throwing this adorable kitty up in the air over and over, and we decided then and there to save him. When he showed up one morning at our sliding door, we let him in, named him Bandit...and never let him out again until we were long gone from that apartment. He was the most loving and wonderful cat for many years.

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

oh my, Rusty has certainly been through a lot lately. But I think this is a sign that maybe he is meant to be with you. I hope he settles in soon